Football training camp is a highly stressful environment at times.

Some players are competing for their working livelihood, while all are practicing a physical game during the heat of summer.

Outside of a few stars, playing time and depth chart status are on the line, while many players are fighting to make the active roster.

It's normal to have a few camp fights against your own teammates when frustrations begin to boil over.

When teams have joint practices, players welcome the opportunity to hit someone that isn't their teammate.

The New England Patriots are conducting joint practices with the Carolina Panthers this week. It didn't take long for the teams to brawl.

The New Orleans Saints traveled to Green Bay on Monday, joining the Packers for several joint practices before their preseason matchup at Lambeau Field this Friday night.

Trashing talking has been high, and a number of players are reportedly playing through the whistle.

While the teams haven't engaged in a fight similar to the Patriots and Panthers, there was a skirmish today between Saints wide receiver Jarvis Landry and Packers cornerback Eric Stokes.

What led to the confrontation?

According to Stokes, Landry attempted to "big boy" him.

With an early exit from practice today, maybe Landry won't need as much therapeutic cupping as he did earlier in camp.

Landry did not play in the Saints preseason opener last Saturday.

After signing a one-year deal with his hometown team, the LSU alum is a welcome addition to the New Orleans wide receiver room.

Fans are anxious to see him on the field for a game, even if it's only for a few snaps before the regular season begins.

If Landry does play Friday, fans will be keeping a close eye on him when he's matched up with Stokes.

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