With the hole that Louisiana's state budget is in, we're pretty sure that Governor Edwards and anyone in Baton Rouge should be looking for any way to save a buck.

But sometimes those sources of ideas can come from some quite left field places.

Actress Pamela Anderson thinks she can help the state's budget crisis. How you ask? By getting the prisoners to go vegan!

Anderson pitched the idea to go vegan in state prisons in a letter addressed to Governor John Bel Edwards, this according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

PETA said that Louisiana could save over a half a million dollars per year by serving “healthy, colorful vegan meals in correctional facilities —and that’s not including how much the state would save on prisoners’ health-care costs.”

Anderson explained a little more in her letter to the governor.

If you left meat off menus in the 12 state-run prisons, Louisiana taxpayers would save as much as $620,000 a year. Beans, rice, lentils, pasta, potatoes and other vegetables, and oranges and other fruits have all the nutrients a person needs but at a fraction of the price of meats and cheeses. There would also be enormous savings on freezer costs and spoilage, since most vegan foods and ingredients can be shipped and stored without refrigeration.

To add a little incentive to the state, Anderson even went so far to offer her own services. She said she would be happy to help cook and serve lunch to inmates.

Currently, Anderson serves as Honorary Director of PETA.

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