Our lives have certainly been turned upside down in the last couple of months. Sports, food, school, and which hand sanitizer isn't killing us have all of a sudden become major concerns. And we even have a whole new vocabulary to go along with that. I mean, did anyone even know what coronavirus was before this year?

Well, Cheapism has found some phrase related to this world wide health crisis that have invaded our everyday vocabulary. And they might be here for awhile. There's a whole list, but check out some of my favorites below. And y'all be safe out there!

  • The 'Rona. Shortened term for coronavirus
  • COVID Bubble. These are the people within your social circle who you see on a semi or regular basis, not really knowing who is safe and who isn't
  • Quarantini. Any alcoholic beverage that you were forced to make because you were in lockdown. In other words, you'd probably order one of these at a bar, if any were actually open.
  • Virtual Happy Hour. When you don't want to drink alone, so you're downing quarantinis while on zoom, with people who aren't in your COVID bubble.
  • Quarantine and Chill. Kind of like "Netflix and Chill", only with a worldwide pandemic looming. Just hanging out at home, basically.
  • Social distancing. Six feet apart, people
  • Zumping. Getting dumped by your employer or a significant other over Zoom.
  • COVID 15. This is equivalent to the "Freshman 15" when you get to college. It refers to the weight we've gained by being at home so much during the pandemic
  • WFH. Working From Home
  • New Normal. What America looks like right now
  • CDC. Did you even know this was the Centers for Disease Control before all of this?
  • Social Shaming. THIS. IS. EVERYWHERE. Wear a mask, don't wear a mask. Go on vacation, don't go on vacation. You get the picture. And let's hope you're not the one doing the shaming.



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