Social media can be a wonderful place to share common experiences and feel like you're not alone. Parents across the world have a common theme - kids. Families from all over the globe know the joy of children, and many times, the struggle of them. We recently asked our Facebook family the following question:

Tell us you have kids WITHOUT actually telling us you have kids

As you might expect, we got quite a few humorous responses that you might have experienced or said yourself.

Some that were truly heartfelt included

Never imagined love could run so deep


My heart grew 1000 times larger the days I saw your faces

for the first time


Blessed in 1979 and still blessed


Unconditional love


I have more than one heartbeat

If you can relate to the following statements, be sure to share them with your friends and family (especially your kids)

Parents Can Relate to These Statements

In a recent Facebook question, we asked parents to 'tell us you have kids without actually saying you have kids'. The results were just as awesome as expected, and here's a few of the ones that made us laugh out loud.

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