There was a comedian several years ago that had schtick that offered humorous musings about things that are bad being actually good. That could be said about the Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection Program. That's the program designed to offer small business loans, that can be forgiven, so business owners might weather the coronavirus pandemic.

The good news/bad news about the program is this. The good news? Many small businesses have acted quickly and are in the pipeline to have financial assistance coming their way.

The bad news? So many small business owners have acted promptly that those who snoozed may have "losed" or should I say lost.

KPLC Television reporter Theresa Schmidt spoke with Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance President George Swift about the Paycheck Protection Program and Swift's words were quite telling.

This is designed to keep people working in your business. So, we urge folks to go to their banks and credit unions and make application even though the money is nearing its end. We think there will be another round and hopefully, you will be in line to get some of that.

That other round that Swift referred to is already in the legislative process and hopefully will be approved quickly. The bottom line is this. The banks have money to lend via the Small Business Administration.

The loans can be used for rent, mortgage interest, utility payments, and most importantly payroll. If you're in business and you haven't at least submitted an application you're making this whole coronavirus pandemic a lot harder than it needs to be.


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