Finally, we get an update from the Pelicans themselves on Zion Williamson and his foot; however, it is in the form of a tweet but I digress. Zion Williamson received a biological injection in his foot to stimulate the healing in his foot.

Going forward Zion will be limited to low-impact activities for the time being. He will be reevaluated with more imaging and scans in 4-6 weeks.

For me going forward I'm not expecting Zion to play this season. However, I can say with news like this it seems that the team and Zion are doing everything they can to get him out there. I just don't know if it is worth it for him to suit up in February at best because that's if in the next round of scans he's okay and he makes it through the conditioning with no setbacks. Can he even make that much of a difference in the win and loss column? Because it may be too late for the Pelicans at that point due to the huge hole they dug for themselves early in the season. But we will have to wait to see what will happen with the Pelicans star in 4-6 weeks.

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