There is nothing harder for a parent to do than watch their child compete. Whether it's in a spelling bee, a debate tournament or on an athletic field. As parents we feel every emotion our child feels, we are thrilled when they win and hurt even worse when the outcome does not meet the expectations. Such is the case of Derek Redmond, a world class sprinter.

In competition on the world biggest sporting stage, the Olympics in Barcelona Spain, Redmond suffered a devastating leg injury. He could have just collapsed on the track and waited for medical attention. He did not. He hobbled the final half a lap only to be join by his father. Race officials tried to keep the elder Redmond away but as he so eloquently stated in a post race interview, we started this together, we will finish it together. Redmond is now a teacher and motivational speaker who uses his life experience on the track to help others persevere.

So here is to you Mom and Dad for being there at the start and the finish. Perseverance it's a skill that is inherited from you and passed down for generations. Make sure your children know and understand its power.

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