Do you know those people who can casually pick up a wild animal with no hesitation and show no fear whatsoever?

Of course you do, we're in south Louisiana.

The video you're about to see is not one of those instances.

Livingston Parish sheriff's deputies stopped a vehicle recently and were greeted with a little more than they bargained for -- a "pet" feral squirrel.

In the video posted on the agency's Facebook page, a squirrel is seen jumping on the deputy's back for several seconds as the deputy tries to shake the squirrel off his back. A second deputy is seen trying to assist in these efforts.

The episode goes on for a bit longer than most of us, including the deputy, could possibly be comfortable with.

Thankfully, as you can see in the video, the squirrel eventually jumped off the deputy's back.

According to Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard, neither the deputies nor the squirrel was harmed during the ruckus.

The squirrel was captured and returned to its cage, added Ard.

The sheriff's office didn't report what the traffic stop was for, but it did include an arrest of some sort. We don't think the squirrel was charged though.

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