One of the benefits of being on the radio is getting to go down on the field at sporting events and help with promotions that happen during breaks in the action. Quite often those promotions involve using air cannons to blast prizes high up into the stands. Such was the case Monday night in Philadelphia when the Philly Phanatic began launching hot dogs into the crowd.

That's Philadelphia Phillies fan Kathy McVay. Those bruises on her face are what happens when a duct taped wrapped hot dog hits your head after being fired from an air cannon on the playing field.

McVay says she was sitting behind home plate when the mascot began firing hot dogs into the crowd as part of a promotion. One of those flying weiners connected with McVay's head. Because of a shoulder injury, she says she was unable to move her hands and arms to protect her face. As you can see a flying hot dog packs a punch.

Because Kathy McVay is a real sports fan and apparently a really good person to boot she will not be pursuing legal action against the team. The Phillies organization did reach out to her and offer an apology. That apparently was more than good enough for McVay who told reporters if her story makes someone else chuckle then that's just fine.

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