As if multiple hurricanes, a flood, and a freeze weren't enough, mother nature decided to introduce tornadoes into the lake area. Lake Area residents were excited to hear the news about a cold front coming into the area for the weekend, but know the weather involved would be a touch severe. Now, instead of getting their gumbo pots out and read, they are once again stretching tarps over their roofs and picking up debris in the wake of multiple tornadoes that touched down across the area.

Carley Williams

We got a preview of what the storm had in store for us as we saw tornadoes run wild in East Texas, nothing could have prepared us for what was about to happen just a few short hours ago. As tornadoes touched down, social media sites went crazy showing what was going on with the weather and what areas were getting hit the hardest. Wind gusts of almost 70mph were being recorded out towards the airport, while others were seeing funnel clouds making their way to the ground.

Carley Williams

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office posted on their Facebook page that they received multiple calls about tornado damage in the area of Ham Reid and have set up a response location in the Rouse's parking lot.

Other locations around Lake Charles were impacted by these storms, with power outages showing on the Entergy map with over 7,000 customers currently without power in the areas from Lincoln Road and as far north as along I-10.

Here is a gallery of just some of the damage found around the lake area.

Lake Charles Tornado Damage October 27, 2021