Some of us can hardly remember a time before everything was hashtagged. YouTube launched in 2005, and Twitter made it's debut in 2006, and things haven't been the same since. Good or bad, there are certain terms that were never used before social media hit it's heyday, and is here to remind us of some of those below.

  • Subtweet - A negative post that doesn't mention someone directly, but you know who they are. Very passive agressive
  • Snitch-tagging - When you want to bring to light that someone is trash talking about you. Kind of active-agressive
  • Ratio - when the number of replies outnumber likes or re-tweets
  • Twitterstorm - a burst of unexpected activity over a subject, usually triggered by a controversial or insensitive comment
  • Reply Girls - Usually refers to female you tube users who have a bit of controversy on their own channels, and manage to monetize their content
  • Smash or Pass - Exactly what it sounds like, which proves my point that the internet can be an ugly place.
  • ASMR - 'autonomous sensory meridian response'. Examples include lip smacking, whispers or white noise. You can find a variety of these videos on YouTube, and they supposedly cause a calming, pleasurable feeling. A person who purposely creates these is called an ASMRartist.
  • Unboxing - when you video yourself and completely document opening, or unboxing, the contents of a package. Then you can display, review, and showcase the contents. Some of these unboxing videos have gotten over 250 million views. Yes, million, y'all.
  • The Wadsworth Constant. Apparently this is where you can skip over a certain percentage of the beginning of a video without missing anything important. Wadsworth is the Reddit user who first discovered the term

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