Pistol Annies showed off their delightful collective sense of humor while appearing on the 'Today' show Tuesday morning (May 7), celebrating the release of their new album 'Annie Up.'

Miranda Lambert and her bandmates joked around in the pre-performance interview segment, with Angaleena Presley saying that "the good Lord brought us together" and that Jesus is their A&R guy.

The trio also confessed that they manage to keep their sanity while juggling their solo efforts, busy schedules and dedicating time to their group by drinking... a lot! They playfully revealed that that's how they will survive their upcoming tour.

In all seriousness, Lambert dished that the key to the band's success is having fun while making music.

Bottoms up, ladies.

After the three high-heeled lovelies charmed the pants off host Matt Lauer -- who called them the hippest and hottest female trio in country music -- they likely won over a large portion of the national audience with their new song 'Hush Hush.'

To keep the less-familiar audience clued in, the Annies also had signs indicating "which" Annie they are hanging on their mic stands: Hippie, Holler and Lone Star, which is Ashley Monroe, Presley and Lambert, respectively.

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