How would you like to help out some wonderful kittens from a war hero's home on this Memorial Day 2020? If you're looking to give a kitten a wonderful home, this is your lucky day.
Facebook, Estella Hughes Juneau
Estella, an animal lover here in Acadiana, adopted a stray momma cat from a war vet's home in Jackson, La. after being asked by the family to foster the pregnant mom until she had the babies.
The momma cat was friendly and would let you pet her. The problem was, she was caged in Estella's garage. Estella couldn't bear having the friendly momma cat caged in her garage, so she brought the pregnant cat inside. Momma-to-be was in heaven. May have been the first real home she'd ever had.
Estella Hughes Juneau
A little over two weeks after becoming an indoor cat, the babies were born on Palm Sunday, April 4th. Estella and her family have cared for the kittens since birth. They love to be held, get kisses and cuddle. The kittens are so comfortable and calm with humans, they'll fall asleep on whoever's holding them. The beautiful dark and light grey kittens are litter box trained and are eating solid foods.
Estella Hughes Juneau
One of the males was given a new home a few days ago, but there are several more kittens who need homes as well. Estella will deliver the kittens to anyone willing to give them a good home. The Juneau family has become attached to the kittens and loves them dearly. There are just too many to take care of, especially once they all become mature adult cats. Estella Hughes Juneau can be private messaged using Facebook.
Estella Hughes Juneau
Do something really special this Memorial Day and help Estella and her family find a great home for these kittens. Thank you.

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