There aren't many jobs where in the course of performing your assigned tasks there is a potential threat to your life. Such is the case of law enforcement. I believe these ladies and gentlemen truly do appreciate the value of life. They appreciate the value of yours so much that they are willing to put theirs on the line to save it.

That is why this story from the Mississippi Gulf Coast angers me so much. Police say a New Orleans man allegedly used police tactics to entice an elderly man to pull over. He then robbed the man and fatally wounded him.

It brings to mind a question. What should you do if you are asked to pull over by a vehicle that you are not sure is a real officer or trooper?

If you have a mobile telephone in your possession then simply dial 911. If you give a description of your location and the description of the vehicle that is requesting you to pull to the side of the road the 911 dispatcher can confirm whether the traffic stop is legitimate or a farce.

Regardless, you simply stay on the line with the 911 dispatcher and they will direct you exactly what to do. Since all 911 phone calls are recorded there is a public record of your concerns for your safety.

If the attempted traffic stop is a farce the 911 dispatcher will send a real police unit to your location and the real officer will handle things more professionally than you or I ever could.

Should you not have a mobile phone in your possession authorities recommend that you do not pull over in an area that is void of people. They suggest you find a very public place to react to the lights flashing in your rearview.

Simply proceed at a safe speed and acknowledge the vehicle behind you by waving out of your window or putting on your hazards. Once you have reached a public area then pull to the side and follow the officer's requests.

There has to be a trust between law enforcement and the public. No one respects that trust more than the officers who are sworn to serve and protect you.


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