Louisiana politics has a reputation for being down and dirty. We are about to experience the dirty part of the political process over the next two weeks. On November 8th voters will go to the polls to elect a number of national, state, and local officials.

In Louisiana perhaps the most disgusting race, at least in the form of advertisements, will be the race for United States Senate. Many of the candidates have already been running advertisements on radio and television. The number of advertisements and the negative message contained in those ads is about to reach a fever pitch.

Lapolitics.com publisher Jeremy Alford says State Treasurer John Kennedy has the biggest target on his back.

He’s in full on piñata status and he’s stacked full of votes and especially on the Republican side, everybody is grabbing a stick.

In his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network Alford also said recent polls show that Kennedy and Democrat Foster Campbell are the front runners for making a runoff election. So now is the time for the other candidates to really ramp up their messages.

Getting into the silly season now, we’re going to see a lot these negative ads. I think the race is going to just have to take on a darker tone for some folks who are hoping to break out.

Needless to say, the brunt of the dirt will be slung in such a way that we the voters of Louisiana will bear the brunt of the mess. We can only hope that after election day we'll be able to wash ourselves off and get ready for the runoff elections.



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