There are many things I would like to open up and pour all over our world leaders. I bet what came to my mind just came to your mind after reading the way I phrased that huh? Nope, I don't want to open up any "whup a$$" on any world leader. I would love to soak them in common sense and understanding. Perhaps then they would get a rough idea of what some of their jack-leg policies are doing to good people like you and I.

The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel recently sat down to a state dinner or some other highfalutin' political meal in Serbia a few days ago. Obviously her waiter either doesn't agree politically with Ms Merkel or the waiter just isn't very good at his job.

That was how many beers down the back of one the world's most power leaders? I am sure the poor waiter lost his job and may have even been killed for bringing shame to the mother land. I hope he wasn't. I do bet he did feel a little sense of take that on behalf of the common man after his slight mistake in delivering the beer.