Politics and religion, those are the two slippery slopes of any conversation. Would assume that the very personal subjects could be discussed among marital partners. While it's true those subjects can be, the strife and friction caused by political discussions are higher than it's ever been.

The most recent presidential election in the United States was probably one of the most brutal, mean, and disrespectful displays of humanity to ever be the subject of a political campaign. To say the least, there were angry and upset people on all sides of the debate.

That anger, angst, and discussed is still around and according to a new survey has infiltrated the sanctity of the American home. A recent Wakefield Research survey found that almost one-quarter of Americans say they have argued about politics in their personal relationships since the November elections.

According to the same Wakefield study, one in ten marriages have broken up over politics in the last six months. The biggest group to experience loss of marital control has been in the what would be called the millennial demographic. Nearly one-quarter of the relationships that have dissolved have been in that age group.

The obvious lightning rod in the discussion is Donald Trump. Those who support Mr. Trump are very adamant about their support. Those who do not support Mr. Trump are just as strong-willed in their beliefs.

What can you do?

If it was me, I would reference the first line of this story and stay off the slippery slope. The election is over. The people have spoken. The debate should be about issues and less about personalities. There will be other elections coming up. In fact, we will choose an entire House of Representatives and one-third of the U.S. Senate in the next national election.

If you don't like the way things are going you can vote to change. If you're satisfied with the status quo you may also support that side of the discussion. The bottom line to me is this. It must not have been a very solid relationship, to begin with, if something beyond your personal control can break it apart.


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