A survey released by Harper Polling finds 86 percent of Louisiana residents say the nation's immigration laws need to be fixed.

Dr. Sue Weishar, a migration specialist at Loyola University, says the current rules keep thousands of foreign-born college grads with science, technology, engineering and math skills from gaining employment.

"It's just not working," Weishar said. "It's not working for families, its not working for communities, it's not working for businesses, and there's general agreement across the country it's broken."

The poll also found 58 percent of the respondents support an immigration reform plan that would secure the borders and expand visas for high-skilled workers. Weishar says these immigration reform ideas would benefit the country.

"The comprehensive immigration reform bill that was passed by the Senate last year would grow the economy by $900 billion over a 20-year period," Weishar said.

Weishar says politics are keeping Congress from passing a substantial immigration reform bill.