If there is something to be said about the current pollen conditions in South Louisiana it would be this. It sure makes listening to sad songs on the radio a lot easier to do. Because with all the pollen and dander floating around in the atmosphere it's pretty easy to bring your tears on Mother Nature instead of the lyrics of a particularly sad song.

The difference between a sad song and the current pollen counts in Louisiana is this, the sad songs will eventually end. It certainly looks as if there is no end in sight for our current medium-high to high pollen level across the I-10 corridor.

Pollen.com, a website dedicated to tracking pollen and posting advertisements for allergy medicines shows the pollen count for the Lafayette area to be high for today. The bulk of the airborne allergens come from Oak trees, grasses, and bayberry. I can certainly testify on behalf of the Oak pollen. It's raining down on our cars and patio furniture like so much miserable yellow rain.

One reason you might notice the current influx of allergy-inducing pollen is the fact that toward the end of last week our pollen counts dropped drastically following that line of strong thunderstorms that moved through the area early Saturday. Yesterday, Sunday, was very nice but the pollen counts are building back up as we move into this workweek.

In most cases, seasonal allergy symptoms such as runny nose, watering eyes, sneezing, and some sinus headaches can be quelled with over-the-counter products. If you continue to suffer from these symptoms, you might want to check with your doctor. They can usually prescribe something a little stronger and especially for you. I  know the combination of allergy meds and nasal sprays my doctor has prescribed have kept the drip out of the back of my throat all springtime long.

Now if you are one to wonder how the human body figures out ways to defend against the onslaught of pollen or why the body reacts the way it does to certain situations, we just might have your answer right here.

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