If you haven't figured it out here's a hint, not everything you read on the Internet is entirely factually true. For example a recent story about the Calcasieu Parish town of DeQuincy suggested that the town had made polygamy legal. According "The News Examiner" it was just fine to have more than one spouse in DeQuincy.

The mayor of DeQuincy, Lawrence Henagan, says it's not the first time his town has been selected for misrepresentation by less than reputable news sources. He told the Louisiana Radio Network

"One time we supposedly had out arrest warrants and 'shoot on site' of any Koreans. He wrote that we were supplying all of our kids in school with handguns."

The mayor says he tries to take it all in stride and while he appreciates the publicity for the town, he thinks this kind of story about DeQuincy is getting old. Among the more memorable untruths this particular tabloid has published about DeQuincy was the story of the town being attacked by gay zombies on bath salts and the town outlawing twerking.

Mayor Henagan wishes the author would pick on someplace else, or actually start writing real stories about real places. He did, in true Louisiana fashion extend an olive branch by saying.

"If he really wants to see what DeQuincy is made of, send him here the second weekend in April to the railroad days festival that we have."

So just to be clear, no polygamy, gay zombies, Korean assault squads in DeQuincy, however twerking is allowed.


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