It is no secret that we have a deep love for Popeye’s here in South Louisiana.

So when I saw this announcement I immediately knew that things were about to get a little crazy here.

Popeye’s is celebrating the chain's 50th anniversary this month and they are taking it back to the 70s where it all began.

When Popeye’s opened in 1972 they were selling two pieces of chicken for only 59 cents and well to celebrate Popeye’s is making this happen again.

Starting on Sunday, June 12, 2022, Popeye’s will launch a special, two pieces of their famous chicken for 59 cents. Now, this special will only be available for one week! So get your friends together, make a plan, and help Popeye’s celebrate 50 years of their world-famous chicken.


This offer is only good through the Popeye’s app or online at Customers will also have to spend a minimum of $5 to get the two pieces of chicken for 59 cents, which is still a steal.

The announcement was made through a video that was posted on YouTube.

Since the announcement came out people have taken to social media with there feelings.

Who else thinks that this going to cause the same situation that happened when they released the chicken sandwich?

How did Popeyes start?

Popeyes was started in New Orleans, Arabi to be exact, which is about 20 minutes from New Orleans. It all began with a restaurant named "Chicken on the Run" which was started by Alvin C. Copeland Sr. This restaurant really didn't get off the ground so he reopened it under the name Popeye's and sold spicy authentic New Orleans-style chicken. Well, we all know how that turned out. This restaurant has taken off, in 2020 it was reported that there were 3,451 restaurants worldwide.

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