The air conditioner, it's the main reason why people in the south are so nice. If you want to see what heat can do to people and their attitudes just watch the road rage on Ambassador Caffery on a hot Summer day.

Staying cool isn't always easy to do. If you are camping or sitting out on the patio a little breath of cool air is always welcome. This video doesn't show a camping application but you could probably figure out how to make that happen if you're smart enough to build this project.

To start you will need an ice chest, some ice and a lid that you can mount a small fan on. The fan blows air into the ice chest where it is cooled by the ice and then sent back out into the space you desire to cool. Is it efficient? Not really. Is it better than sweating your soul out into your underpants? You bet.

This just goes to show another great use for the ice chest. My friends at Ricky Smith's Audio do a great sound system with ice chests. I hear tell of some people who actually use the ice chest to keep drinks cold too.