Do you ever learn something 'new' only to realize the entire world has been knowing about it all along?

I guess the best way to describe that feeling is with the whole "today years old" caption, but this potato chip bag-sealing trick is literally everything.

To me, the ultimate "today years old" moments are the ones that you can immediately implement in your everyday life, and this is one that is one pantry trip away for just about everyone. The one I posted above has over 10 million views, but upon further review, this has definitely been circulating on the internet since the days of the early "media" content.

I don't know about you, but I have chip clips all over the place—and while they may be the easier choice, sometimes you don't have them handy so this is definitely a solid hack to know.

Now I just have to practice so I don't end up like this guy.

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