The last time the Powerball jackpot was claimed by a winning ticket was on April 1. Since there were no winners over the past two and half months the Powerball prize continued to grow. Until Saturday night, that's when a single ticket matched all five numbers and the Powerball.

The jackpot was estimated to be $447 million at the time ticket sales were ended. The single ticket was sold in California. So, someone who purchased a Powerball ticket in a Los Angeles suburb about 80 miles southeast of the city is sitting pretty this morning.

The winning numbers for Saturday, June 10, 2017, were:

20-26-32-38-58 with a Powerball of 03

I am going on a hunch here if those numbers weren't chosen by a quick pick you'd have to bet that somebody played "ages" as numbers. Regardless of how they were chosen they matched what the ping pong balls dictated.

The next big money Powerball drawing will be on Wednesday, June 14th. The jackpot will retreat to is traditional starting amount of $40 million. If you take the cash options it's $29.7 million. While it's not $447 million it is more than enough to change your life should you choose to play.

Be careful, it could change your life in the wrong way. Please play responsibly.

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