Priscilla Block's single "Just About Over You" is the song that took her career to new heights. After going viral on the video-focused app TikTok in the summer of 2020, Block released the song and watched her fans push it to the top of iTunes' all-genre sales chart and Apple Music's streaming chart.

"Just About Over You" also helped Block land her record deal with UMG Nashville. The song, written by Block with Sarah Jones and Emily Kroll, appears on her self-titled 2021 EP, her first multi-song release with the label.

Below, Block shares the story behind "Just About Over You" with The Boot, in her own words.

"Just About Over You" was actually a title that I had in my head for a long time -- like, "I'm almost over you" or "I'm just about over you."

I had run into an ex-boyfriend, and I remember, that night, I was feeling like, "Okay, I feel like I'm moving on," you know? That feeling like, here we are, I'm looking good, I got my hoops on, I'm going out. It's the whole idea of, you can literally convince yourself anything by putting a bandaid on it, and it was me convincing myself that I was over it when I wasn't.

And it's interesting: If you go and watch the "Just About Over You" music video, the video is basically exactly how that night happened, of me running into my ex, who was at [the Nashville bar] Losers, with those people. So it's pretty spot-on ...

I'm definitely a girl that loves hard and breaks harder, and I think when you relive something or redo something, you're like, "Dang, why did this have to happen this way?" So there was a lot of feelings [while shooting that video], but all in all, it was pretty exciting. And to be honest, I'm really thankful for that song.

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