Not everyone is happy with the proposal to install an underground pipeline through the Atchafalaya Basin.

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline would run across 11 parishes spanning from Calcasieu to St. James Parish.

Director of the environmental group, The Bucket Brigade, Anne Rolfes says Louisiana needs to stop seeing the oil and gas sectors as the only economic engine, as the renewable energy business is booming.

“By consistently putting in pipelines and relying on a dying industry, Louisiana is missing out on much better, safer and cleaner jobs.”

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Proponents of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline say it would improve safety, as there is a greater chance for a spill when transporting oil on a truck or train. But Rolfes says these claims of improved safety are bogus.

“The pipelines are corroded, they have holes in them and these are from the industry’s own reports. So I don’t buy it for a minute when some spokesperson for the oil industry claims to be worried about accidents.”

The pipeline is connected with the highly publicized Dakota Pipeline and the oil companies say the Bayou Bridge Pipeline could boost the state’s economy. A public hearing on the pipeline’s application is set for January 12th. Rolfes encourages everyone to attend and says running another pipeline through a sensitive area will negatively affect our drinking water and crawfish harvest.

“The state is going to rubber stamp this pipeline unless people stand up and we’re certainly ready to stand up.”