I got a call this morning from Andree Barra, who found this puppy near Lake Martin this morning.

I am hoping that the puppy just wandered from home, but the more I think about it, the more I think that maybe someone didn't want the puppy and decided to drop it off to fend for itself.

(If you have ever dropped off an unwanted dog, shame on you.)

Here's the skinny on this puppy:

  • she's not chipped
  • she's approximately 6 months old
  • so far, she's been great with people and kids
  • she might not be suited for homes with other dogs
  • she's beautiful, and has a heart full of love
(Andree Barra Photography)
(Andree Barra Photography)


Some people don't realize what responsibilities come with owning a pet.  When someone makes the decision to get a pet, they should know that that decision is for life.  That pet will rely on you to feed, house, provide veterinary care for and love them, unconditionally.

Understandably, sometimes situations arise that require an owner to part with the pet: allergies, aggression, financial reasons.  In these cases, one would hope that the pet owner would at least try to get the animal adopted before making the cold-hearted decision of dropping the animal off to fend for itself.

Andree would love to keep this puppy, but she is unable.

(Andree Barra Photography)
(Andree Barra Photography)

With your help, we can get her adopted, and into a loving home.  At most, please consider adopting herContact Andree through her Facebook page and let her know you are interested.  At the least, please help by sharing this post!



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