I love Only in Louisiana, because they remind me why I adore living in the most beautiful place in the world! They have given me some inspiration on something they featured earlier this year, which is 'Questions You can Only Answer if You're from Louisiana'. I added my own version in with the awesome questions they came up with, and the list is below. Let me know if I forgot anything, sha!


  • Homemade Roux or Bottled Roux?  I prefer the old fashioned kind, which means I'll always stand over the stove with a wooden spoon and a black iron pot!
  • Do I Even Have a Coat? Usually this question is asked if you are packing to go out of state. Generally speaking, we don't often need one
  • Is it too early to wear shorts and sandals?  Never
  • Is there a difference between Cajun Food and Creole Food?  Yes. I always say cajun is country food, and creole is city food.
  • It's 4:00 am, can I get an alcoholic beverage somewhere? Depending on what parish you're in, that is a yes. And in most places you can get a daiquiri at a drive thru
  • Do you suck the heads? Of course!
  • Do you have hundreds and hundreds of strands of colorful plastic beads at your house right now? Well, if you went to any Mardi Gras parades you do
  • Have you ever voted for a convicted criminal who is running for office? Well, this IS Louisiana, sha
  • Do you know how to pronounce Schexnayder, Atchafalaya, Natchitoches and Hebert? Let's be honest, you're probably related
  • Chicken and Sausage or Seafood? The time honored query of Louisianians everywhere
  • Have you ever attended a parade to celebrate someone's death? A second line is unique, fun, and a true celebration of someone's life
  • Can you make pralines when it's humid outside? It's always humid, honey, so that is a yes.
  • Is WHO DAT part of your vocabulary every year from August through January? Geaux Saints!


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