For the first time in a little over a week or so, residents of South Lousiana are waking up without an old friend. Okay, maybe it's not a "friend" it's more like a relative that won't leave. I am speaking of "hurricane anxiety". We've all had it since we started watching Hurricane Delta and its impending march toward Louisiana's coastline.

Well, the hurricane has come and gone and now we need to clean up. Maybe that's why Mother Nature is going to give us a little bit of a break over the next few days. Granted, cleanup efforts today will be rather warm and muggy, there is cooler drier air coming.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service Office say a cold front, currently situated across the middle of the country will push through Louisiana during the day on Tuesday. While we won't feel a sharp drop in temperatures you should notice the air isn't as humid and the breeze is coming from the north.

After the front passes during the day on Tuesday our nights will start to get just a little cooler and our days won't be quite so warm. In fact, by the end of the week, assuming stadiums and schools are ready to go, we could be playing high school football under fall-like conditions that might require those in attendance to actually wear a jacket.

In fact, by Friday we could be looking at high temperatures that only make it into the upper 70s and overnight low temperatures that will bottom out in the middle to lower 50s. Forecasters do not have any mention of rain in our forecast for the next several days so if you're attempting to keep your lawn or flowers alive,  you might want to run the sprinklers or at least a hose on them later this week.

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