Birds and machines do not get along. I think it has something to do with the fact that birds are not that bright. I have had a bird pecking at my bathroom window for over a month now. He or she still hasn't figured it out.

You might recall baseball pitcher Randy Johnson obliterating a bird with a fastball. That would not be a good day for the birds. Then there have been birds that have brought down huge aircraft too. Granted the birds involved gave their lives you could say advantage birds on the crash landing in the Hudson River.

The bird in this video is not so lucky. If you are squeamish or a vegetarian you might want to look the other way. I find it amazing how a bird would want to hang around a race track.  You'd figure all the noise and commotion would keep them a safe distance away. Obviously this oblivious bird did not hear the oncoming bikes or the bikes were coming at such a high rate of speed the collision was unavoidable.

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