This Saturday when the first football game of the season is held, fans will be able to help with a new program aimed at reducing waste.

The Student Government Association launched a recycling program on the campus in 2010.

At Cajun Field, there will be multiple recycling and waste collection containers at each tailgating spot as well as any areas were there is high traffic according to Gretchen Vanicor, Director of Sustainability at UL.

Just like across the campus, there will be collection bags for:


Vanicor says,

"We're expanding our efforts to embrace a zero waste philosophy. It's not just about recycling materials, it's about reducing the waste stream altogether. Conservation of resources and respect for our environment are part of our culture. As a University, one of the things we can do to support those values is to create opportunities for the community to put those principles into action."

What can you expect at your tailgating spot?  There will be green recycling bins and blue trash bins, while inside of the stadium recycling material will go into red containers, while trash will be put in black bins.

Vanicor adds that UL will be adding up the stuff collected during home games to compete in a recycling contest for colleges called "The Game Day Challenge".

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