In the aftermath of Louisiana softball's exciting victory in the Baton Rouge Regional, fans have been talking everything from name disputes to umpiring mistakes, stats to webgems.

Now we know why the discussion is so rich and broad.

Over half a million people tuned in to see it.

Per Extra Inning Softball, the Baton Rouge Regional final set a new season-high viewership mark for NCAA softball with 557,000 viewers on ESPN2.

Such an astounding number means a few more wild stats to be noted.

The event that aired on sister station ESPN was a WNBA game between Chicago and Phoenix. The BR final outperformed that game by over 100,000 viewers.

It was the most widely watched Regional game since 2019.

Additionally, that number does not include the number of ESPN+ viewers, which include myself and many others that I know.

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That's a hell of a lot of people tuning in to watch LSU lose.

See y'all in Seattle.

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