If you find yourself lucky enough to share a meal with Rascal Flatts‘ Jay DeMarcus, make sure to keep your cell phone in the car. In a world where texting at all hours of the day–even during dates and outings with friends–Jay DeMarcus is open about his disdain for texting at the table.

“It’s a little bit disconcerting when you’re at dinner trying to hang out with friends and everybody’s text messaging. That’s kind of gettin’ on my nerves,” he says, according to Nashville.com. “Sometimes you just want to go out to dinner and enjoy each other and then you have some folks sittin’ there that are totally tuned out just texting away.”

Of course, in this day in age, you can’t expect everybody to follow good cell phone manners all the time. DeMarcus admits that even his wife, Allison, is guilty of being distracted by her phone during dinner.

“We’ve actually made a pact that when we go to a restaurant and sit down we put the phones away,” he added.

Even though the ‘Banjo’ singer isn’t fond of non-stop texting, his phone is probably blowing up all the time. Rascal Flatts’ new song, ‘Banjo’ just went No. 1, and they’re preparing to release ‘Come Wake Me Up,’ the next single, off of their ‘Changed’ album.

The award-winning band is also preparing to hit the road for their Farmers Insurance Presents Changed Tour. DeMarcus might have to put up with some texting over dinner while the guys are away from their families this summer!

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