If you or your kids aren't really into tootsie rolls, popcorn balls, gum or whatever, the folks over at Reese's have you covered. They have created a "Reese's Halloween Candy Converter Machine" that lets people trade in their unwanted Halloween candy for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

The "Reese's Halloween Candy Converter Machine" was unveiled this past Sunday, October 28th, during a Halloween parade in Tarrytown, New York.

The company reports that from a recent study Reese's had conducted "90% of Americans say that they have traded, or wish they could have traded, their unwanted candy on Halloween."

As a result, Reese's decided to step in and help folks with their candy struggles.

Anna Lingeris. spokeswoman for Reese's distributor Hershey, told CNN "As the #1 Halloween candy (with over half of candy buyers purchasing Reese's), Reese's has come up with a solution -- give us your unwanted candy, and we'll give you what you actually want."

As of now, the only place to find one of these manna machines is in New York. However, Reese's says they are working out plans to have them in more locations for Halloween 2019.


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