Sometimes on a Saturday morning, I will get up about 4 am and just ride the roads of our beautiful state. Granted, there's not a lot of beauty happening at 4 am but there are a lot of guys and gals on the roadways towing boats. While I am in search of a sunrise at a serene location these other Louisianians are in search of big bass, crappie, redfish, or any of the thousands of other species of fish that seem to thrive in and around Louisiana's waters.

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For those of you who enjoy wetting a line and searching for that next lie to tell your friends about the one that got away you'll want to know that as of yesterday, Monday, November 15th the fee schedules for motorboats in the state have changed.

The changes in motorboat registration fees were approved last year by the State Legislature and the fee scale has been modified. If I might dare say, it does look as if the Legislature actually made this a little simpler. Which, if that was the case, would be a news story in itself.

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Here's the way the new simplified motorboat registration fee table looks.

For boats 15 ft. 11 inches or less, the registration fee is $36 dollars annually. For vessels that are 16 ft to 25 ft 11 inches, your annual registration fee will be $57 dollars. For boats that are 26 ft to 39 ft 11 inches, your new fee is $78 dollars per year. And, for vessels larger than 40 ft the registration fee for you is $99 annually.

Now, if you were a dang old overachiever and actually sent in your registration fees and renewal application before the November 15th changes, don't worry. Your fees will be processed under the previous rate and your boat will still be registered with the state.

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By the way, the registration fees weren't the only changes the Legislature made to registrations and commercial and recreational licenses. You might want to check out the Louisiana Department of Wildlife website just to make sure your next foray into the woods won't find you with a citation or worse. If you have questions and want to speak to a real live human being you call LDWF their number is (225) 765-2898.

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