Hi, I’m Debbie Downer, you know the person that tells you the first thing you need to do on your vacation is to clean a house you don’t own. I hate to be ol’ Double D but cleanliness has taken on a whole new meaning this year. It’s not that anyone wants to delay your fun and relaxation. It’s just that you’ve been in virus ninja mode for several months now. We just need to bring a bit of that attitude with us before we fall into “full-blown semi-vegetative possibly intoxicated” vacation mode.

If you’re a man, as am I, you’ve already thought, “they clean those condos after every guest”. It is a thought that isn’t wrong, it’s just not good. Most of those condo units are flipped for the next guest in six hours or less during extremely busy weeks. The cleaning crews get the big stuff but there might be a few places where their efforts could use a helping hand.

So, don’t forget to pack a small box of basic cleaning supplies. Things like a disinfectant spray and a disinfectant cleaner too. Sometimes those can be one in the same. I’d bring my own sponges and washcloths and even my own dishwashing gloves too.

I know it sounds like it’s going to be a lot but you’ll see these are usually quick wipe downs on touchpoint surfaces that are often forgotten. You could probably accomplish most of these while the rest of the family is unpacking the car.

Renting a Condo? Better Clean These 10 Things

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