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The longer the coronavirus sports shutdown lasts the more casualties we'll end up seeing as far as things getting canceled goes.

The latest report is coming from the Associated Press that Major League Baseball is contemplating skipping out on this season's amateur draft.

In addition, they would also forgo the international signing period this time around as well in hopes that they could conserve money for the upcoming season with not knowing exactly when the season is going to start up again.

Speaking of the start of the season it has already been pushed back from March 26 to the middle of May.

Some of the biggest concerns from MLB and the players association that they continue to discuss are how to handle service time for players which will ultimately determine free-agent eligibility and salary arbitration.

As far as service time goes MLB has proposed to credit full-service time for 130 games or more and if less than that is played they'll adjust accordingly.

On the other hand, the players association is taking the stance that regardless of how much of the season is played or not played at all players should be credited with full-season service time.

The MLB Amateur Draft cash pool for all players drafted is around $400M and there is no cash coming in from tickets, concessions, broadcasts, sponsorship deals, and more. There's a fear that administrative staff may have to be laid off during this period for MLB teams.

Calling off the draft would be a radical step but these are radical times and money-wise it might make sense to forgo it and just push everything back a year.

Another topic of discussion on the table right now is whether or not MLB would dole out cash advances to players who only see paychecks during the season.

The Uniform Player’s Contract does in fact have a provision allowing Rob Manfred to suspend the deal during any sort of national emergency when Major League Baseball does not get played.

The other issues that are trying to be hashed out at this time include processing of adjusting salaries, luxury tax rules, revenue sharing, and performance bonuses thresholds. This would be if the season fails to play it's usual 162 game season.

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