During this election season in Louisiana, you will hear most of the candidates offering their opinions on education and the state of education in Louisiana. The reason why that topic comes up during election years is quite elementary.

Education is the foundation for our state's future. If we don't set our future leaders on a great path from the very beginning that will certainly hamper our state's ability to sustain and grow its economy in the decades to come.

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The website Niche has recently released its findings on schools around the country and in Louisiana. The website promises its users that they will "Find the School that Fits You Best". The site's main purpose is to connect prospective students with educational facilities that match their educational level and desire to learn and become proficient in certain academic endeavors.

The Niche site uses a lot of data to develop its "Best of" lists. The site also conducts interviews with real students and real parents to get their feedback on certain schools and certain programs within those schools. Once the data has been collected it is analyzed and scrutinized by several processes and algorithms. From there the Niche site assigns a grade and a ranking. You can review the entire process right here. 


What Are the Best Public Elementary Schools In Louisiana?

The top spot on the list of Best Elementary Schools in Louisiana according to Niche belongs to A.E. Phillips Laboratory School in Ruston. That school boasts just under 400 students with a student-to-teacher ratio of 23:1.

The next two schools are in the New Orleans area with Lusher Charter School at number two and Belle Chase Academy ranked at number three. For the fourth-ranked elementary school, we return to Lincoln Parish, that's around Ruston. The school is Hillcrest Elementary School.

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The number five school in the Niche rankings is New Sarpy Elementary in St. Charles Parish followed at number six by another Ruston area school in Glen View Elementary. The number seven school was Mimosa Park Elementary in St. Charles Parish, the number eight school was Bullion Primary in Ascension Parish, and rounding out the top ten was Tanglewood Elementary at nine and Bluff Ridge Elementary at number ten.

In the Lake Charles area, the top-ranked elementary school was Westwood Elementary which was recognized on the Niche rankings at number 26.  Prien Lake Elementary also made the list at number 35 as far as Calcasieu Parish Schools are concerned.

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The top elementary school in Vermilion Parish was reported to be Cecil Picard Elementary in Maurice. It was ranked at #49 by Niche while Seventh Ward Elementary in Vermilion Parish was ranked at #52.

In Lafayette Parish, Acadiana Renaissance Charter Academy earned the highest ranking for schools in the parish. That school on the Niche report was ranked at #62. Mermantau Elementary in Acadia Parish was ranked at #64. As you might imagine the difference in scores becomes smaller and smaller the further down the rankings you go.

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If you'd like to see where your school or your child's school ranks you can view the entire Niche rankings for Louisiana right here. 

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