A couple of weeks ago, the Ragin Cajun baseball team's home opener set Sunbelt Conference records for attendance. However, it's the beer drinking at ML Tigue Moore Field at Russo Park that really impressed one sports reporter.

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Brobile.com writer Grayson Weir traveled down to Lafayette to cover Louisiana's home opener against the University of California.

Judging by his article, Weir enjoyed his time in Cajun Country and had great things to say about Cajuns fans and Tigue Moore Field, even describing the atmosphere as "electric".


From Grayson Weir via brobible.com -

"If you are a diehard baseball fan put Russo Park on your bucket list.

I went to a game at Russo Park a few years back and had some remarkable crawfish nachos. It’s a great place and the Ragin’ Cajuns are great people, so long as you don’t cross them."

Weir was excited to find out that Tigue Moore Feild concessions were selling $2 Natural Light.

That's a really good deal. You can't find beer at any kind of sporting event anywhere for that price.

Weir quickly learned that in Acadiana, we take our beer as seriously as we take our Ragin Cajuns baseball.

@GsonJW Via Twitter
@GsonJW Via Twitter


"All of them. Every single one. In the first inning" Weir wrote.

Grayson, we're sorry we drank all of the cheap beer before you had a chance to get a few in you, but we appreciate your kind words about the Cajuns and Acadiana.

Come back soon!

Read Wier's full article over at brobible.com.

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