Louisiana has many historic and unique places to visit, and now we have the first official site on the newly created Civil Rights Trail across the state. For more than 80 years patrons have flocked to the famous creole eatery Dooky Chase Restaurant in New Orleans, which was run by the award-winning chef Ms. Leah Chase. According to their website, the restaurant was "Founded in 1941 by Emily and Dooky Chase, Sr., Dooky Chase’s Restaurant soon became the meeting place for music and entertainment, civil rights, and culture in New Orleans." It remains a beloved southern institution, even after the death of Ms Leah in 2019.

Earlier this week a historical marker was unveiled outside the restaurant in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans to signify its place on the Louisiana Civil Rights Trail. The trail will eventually have 15 official markers across the state, and Dooky Chase is honored to be the first one recognized.

The restaurant was so famous in the Civil Rights era that it was acknowledged in the 2019 Academy Award-winning film "Green Book". Although printing of the actual Green Book was discontinued in 1966, Dooky Chase is the only remaining site in New Orleans that is still in operation today. Its historical significance cannot be understated, and we are happy for their recognition. And we're pretty sure Ms. Leah Chase would be thrilled too. Check out photos of the new historical marker from NOLA.com 



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