.The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will temporarily halt sales of licenses at retail stores beginning today, January 30, 2018. Sales of those licenses at retailers will resume on April 2, 2018. The reason for the temporary shutdown has more to do with technology and training than it does to do with the outdoors.

LDWF is changing vendors that handle the licensing process and this will mean the need to install new equipment in retail stores that sell licenses. Employees of those retail outlets that will be using that new equipment will need time to be trained. That is the reason for the two-month hiatus from sales on the retail level.

Those needing a hunting or fishing license during the time period that retail sales are on hold may use the LDWF website or visit their regional offices to obtain the proper hunting and fishing credentials.

There will be two days, January 30th and 31st that no licenses will be sold at all as LDWF transitions to this new vendor and distribution system.

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