My wife, the lovely Ms. Alli, has worked with special needs kids her entire adult life, so I have an extraordinary appreciation for those who help these beautiful kids.

My heart just got a lot more happy upon hearing about what the late Margaret Southern of Greenville, South Carolina did after she passed away in 2012.

First, a little background. Mrs. Southern was a special education teacher. She died at the age of 94. Apparently, Margaret was a very frugal lady. She only splurged every once in a while when she took friends out to lunch.

To virtually no one's knowledge, Margaret was actually very wealthy!

Her husband died 30 years ago and left her his estate. Then she began playing the stock market and was evidently pretty good at it.

Last week, it was revealed that Margaret was worth some $8.4 million and gave it all to local charities.

Half of the money is going to her local Humane Society, which runs a no-kill shelter. The rest will go to organizations that support education and children with special needs.

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