There was a brief period of time when my kids had first earned their driver's license that I had an in-house delivery service. Since they've moved on to college and other endeavors it is now up to me to actually get in my car to go and get the things I need for our family. What a bummer. Thank goodness technology understands the human emotion of "don't want to".

The RoadRunner Delivery App was launched in Acadiana last summer. As of yesterday, the service has become available in the Lake Charles area and it just might be a local business answer to the brick and mortar killer Amazon Prime.

The RoadRunner App allows you to have your purchases from just about any kind of store delivered right to your front door. Think of what Waitr has done for food delivery now apply that to groceries, teacher gifts, shoes, light fixtures, or any other item that you might need.

The way it works is really simple. You contact the store and arrange the purchase. Once you have secured the purchase you then arrange delivery through the RoadRunner App. I know for the Lake Charles launch the company told media outlets that they had over 70 drivers standing at the ready.

The fees charged by the RoadRunner App are based on mileage and there are no specific delivery boundaries. I am sure that it will be negotiable should delivery service be required outside of the app's general service area.

For me, the RoadRunner App is one more way people can shop locally and still enjoy the benefits and ease of online shopping. Is the RoadRunner App right for you? I guess you'd have to try it for yourself. But to be honest, I think the idea is a pretty good one.

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