Rob Zombie is apparently living out a lifelong dream by making his very own movie version of The Munsters, the old CBS sitcom about the lives of a family of friendly monsters. He’s been bringing fans along with the process of turning an old black-and-white television series into a film version that will play both in theaters and on the Peacock streaming service with lots of images of the design and development process on his Instagram page.

In his latest update to social media, Zombie offered the first look at some of the prosthetic makeup effects for the film, “Lots of Munsters action in the Ex Mortis special effects studio today. These guys are working overtime,” Zombie wrote in the caption. (He also added the hashtag “#robzombie.” It must be nice to be able to have your own personal hashtag in your own Instagram post.) The images included a set of misshapen teeth, some kind of desiccated corpse or zombie, and a face with a large beaked nose. It’s sort of looks like it could be the Munsters’ Grandpa, except it doesn’t have any wrinkles.

Take a look at all of the pictures below:

Zombie recently revealed some unpainted foreheads that will be worn by the film’s Herman Munster, whoever that might be:

Rob Zombie’s Munsters film does not have an official release date yet for movie theaters or for Peacock. So far, no casting has been announced for the film.

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