Prior to his wife Joey Feek’s death, Rory Feek said that he would not be performing without her; however, he's going to do just that, in support of a worthy cause. In early September, Feek will play two solo concerts to support the Music Health Alliance.

On Tuesday (June 27), the Music Health Alliance announced plans for Heal the Music Day, in late October; the "holiday" will help raise awareness of the non-profit organization's work, and artists can pledge a percentage of their earnings from that day to the organization. At a press conference about Heal the Music Day, Feek revealed that he will donate all of the proceeds from his two solo shows, which will take place on Sept. 8 and 9 at the concert hall on his property; Sept. 9 would have been Joey Feek's 42nd birthday.

"I have been thinking about playing music ... a lot," Feek shared during the press conference. "Not because I need to. I just feel a responsibility, like I should. I should get onstage and see what's there, what's in store, what would I say, what would I sing if I were there by myself? But the problem is, is I hadn't had a real good reason, 'til now."

As Feek explained during the Heal the Music Day press conference, the Music Health Alliance helped him and Joey Feek tremendously during her second battle with cancer: When she was diagnosed, she wanted to be treated at an out-of-network hospital in Chicago, and the MHA helped make it happen.

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Then, again, following Joey Feek's death in early March of 2016, the Music Health Alliance helped Rory Feek understand the bills for his wife's treatments. According to Feek, the organization has never asked for payment in return for their help.

"They turned something that was incredibly difficult and complicated into something very simple, and I needed that help so much, because it was the last thing that I wanted to have to deal with ... and every time I've had an issue ... they've fixed it," Feek says. "They are like family to me ... They stepped in like a family member, and they continue to stay with me, and they have never asked for anything -- nothing. I have no idea what their business plan is!"

Per a press release, the Music Health Alliance's six-person team acts as advocates for those in the music industry during health crises: They "remove obstacles so patients can receive life-saving care," and their services are free to members of the music industry community and their families. Since 2013, the organization has saved its clients -- more than 5,600 people -- $16 million in medical bills.

Further details about Feek's shows to benefit the Music Health Alliance have yet to be announced, but readers can visit to learn more about the organization and Heal the Music Day.

In the year-plus since Joey Feek's death, Rory Feek has written a book about their relationship, released a documentary honoring her and helped to get his wife's 2005 solo album re-released, but he says he's really not sure what's next.

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