The last thing you expect to see when you pull up at a restaurant is a tank sitting in the parking lot. You're really not expecting to see a T-90 Russian tank captured by Ukraine forces.

Russian Tank Louisiana
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Russian Tank In Louisiana

Residents of Roanoke, Louisiana were left scratching their collective heads when a Russian T-90 tank sat for two days in the parking lot of Peto’s Travel Center and Casino.

According to numerous sources, the Russian T-90 tank is believed to be captured by Ukrainian forces.

So, how the heck did it wind up in Louisiana?

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"A representative of Peto’s Travel Center and Casino said the tank was being hauled by an 18-wheeler when it arrived in Roanoke on Tuesday night. But because of an issue with the big rig’s transmission, the tank and rig were stuck until Thursday."

Because of all of the attention the Russian tank was getting, it was eventually covered with a tarp.

The truck and tank eventually rolled out around 8:40 p.m. Thursday, April 13.

Russian T-90 Tank Louisiana
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The Warzone, a military publication, reports the tank was most likely abandoned by Russia’s 27th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade in Kharkiv Oblast back in September of last year.

According to Yahoo "The T-90, which entered service with the Russian Army in 1993, still has two large “dazzlers”, part of the Shtora-1 self-protection system, which is designed to interfere with the command signal of incoming anti-tank missiles."

Exactly why the tank wound up in the United States is still unknown.


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