Many of us are WAY overdue for a haircut, but be prepared for new guidelines once salons open up.

COVID-19 has made a severe impact on our economy and the last four weeks have been especially brutal for those in the beauty industry due to mandates that restrict them from providing services that require them to be within six feet of their clients.

Unlike some other businesses that are able to go mobile, virtual, or curbside with their products and services, our friends in the beauty industry are amongst those businesses that have been completely shut down with no way to generate income.

Luckily, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, but things will look a lot different when it comes to getting a haircut—at least for the foreseeable future. This list of guidelines, allegedly from the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology, lists new requirements for salons prior to opening to customers.


I spoke with my barber who told me the list was pretty much accurate and that he had already informed his clients about the new rules via his social media pages.

Another friend in the industry told me that her salon is relaying the same messages to customers ahead of any official announcements, which we should know more about after hearing from the governor later today.

So, if your roots are terrible, your greys are showing, or you're a few more days away from officially having a fro, go grab your mask now and stay healthy. Personally, I think this is welcome news because strict guidelines don't seem so bad when the only other option is being out of work or not getting a haircut.

Another promising thing is the fact that this model has worked in other places—for example, the photo above is a shot from a Maryland barbershop that was allowed to open for essential workers whose jobs required grooming standards.

Hopefully, we will see businesses start to open up with a plan that will keep everyone safes.

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