As humans, we differ in varying degrees of comfort levels when it comes to where we're OK with being touched. It also depends on the level our relationship with someone as to where we're comfortable with them touching us, and vice versa. Scientist at Oxford University have decided to help us know what people are, and aren't comfortable with by providing us with a "Body Map".

As you'll see, the real estate area of comfort changes depending on how well you know someone. What's appropriate with a close friend is definitely not going to be OK with a stranger or even an acquaintance.

So take a gander at the "Body Maps" so you can tone down the creep factor in your day to day life. You can also share this with anyone in your life that tends be a little too close for comfort. Heck, you just print this out and hang it in your office!

There's a few more charts and some more information over at


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