Scott Mayor Jan-Scott Richard has announced that the Boudin Festival Board of Directors along with the City of Scott, has decided to postpone the Boudin Festival until the Spring of 2022.

The festival was scheduled to take place on September 24 through 26, but it will now not happen until next year.

Richard says after much discussion with officials, they have decided the most prudent course of action is to delay the festival until next year.

The decision was not made lightly. Officials say they have continually monitored what has been happening with the Della variant of COVID, and due to a spike in the number of infections, they decided the best thing to do is to have the festival next year.

Richard says based on what public officials are recommending about curbing the amount of cases of COVID, the decision to cancel the September festival was the right one to make at this time. He adds that he believes people will understand this decision because it's about the safety of festival participants, sponsors, vendors and everyone in the community.

Richard says everyone at the City of Scott and Scott Boudin Festival Board of Directors know how disappointing this will be to everyone involved because this has become a much-beloved event for Acadiana.

Mayor Richard says going forward, one thing everyone can do to ensure the safety of our neighbors is to check on them. He says, in particular, to make sure you contact anyone who might be most vulnerable as well.

As things change with the festival, you will be able to find out information on the 2022 event by sticking with local media and the social media pages for the festival.

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