How much is the very best in fire and police protection worth to you? Most people would say it's priceless. That's why city leaders in Scott are in the beginning stages of considering a 1% Safety Tax.

This tax, should it be approved by voters, would allow the city to generate approximately $2.5 to $3.0 million dollars. Those funds would be dedicated specifically for use by the fire and police departments in the city.

A similar tax proposal that was broader in focus was not passed by voters in Scott last year. Proponents of the proposed Safety Tax hope that the refined focus and the fact that the tax has a time limit might be more appealing at the ballot box.

The proposal that is being considered on the Safety Tax puts a time limit of 10 years. After the 10-year time frame the measure could be brought up again to voters for approval.

As far as this proposal is concerned it is still in the discussion stage. Civic leaders are currently debating the merits of the proposal. I am certain at some time in the next few weeks the proposal will be brought before the Mayor and Council and they will make a decision as to whether or not to send the idea to voters.

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